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Private Investigation Services for Fort Pierce, Florida and the Surrounding Area


Not everything in life is transparent. There are a variety of situations where a licensed private investigator can be of great help in unearthing the truth. You may need answers about your spouse or other family matters. As part of the legal process, you may need to have important papers served in an unquestioned, official manner. You may even need professional help while being investigated or questioned in civil or criminal matters. Occasionally, an exhaustive background check on a new entrant into you or a loved one’s life can be necessary. These issues are beyond the scope of the average citizen, and should only be handled by someone with the proper training, experience, and knowledge to ensure that the results cannot be disputed.


Enter the Chief Investigator and President of Spector Investigations, Inc: Neil W. Spector.  Investigator Spector has over 30 years of experience working in both the public and private sectors. This experience includes over 19 years of public service as a Sheriff’s Detective in St. Lucie County. During his years of service to the communities of St. Lucie County, Investigator Spector worked both as a Detective and as a Law Enforcement Investigator, where he has handled thousands of investigations and was recognized for his outstanding record. As a Private Investigator, Neil Spector has worked closely with Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fort Pierce and the surrounding areas to provide proof of innocence or police misconduct for their clients. When you need someone with decades of experience and a high standard of professionalism, Chief Investigator Spector will be there for you.


Due to Investigator Spector’s accomplished law enforcement background, Spector Investigations excels in Criminal Investigations. Without a Criminal Investigator on your legal defense team, the only recorded story that exists is the one told by the investigating officers. A licensed private investigator working for the defense can completely change the landscape of a criminal prosecution, and Spector Investigations is proud to say that we have played a vital role in freeing the wrongly accused in a number of criminal defense cases. Check out our Results page for specific examples.


The Initial Consultation


At Spector Investigations, we pride ourselves on being results oriented and we will do whatever we can to leave no stone unturned on your case. If you have a problem that needs the attention of a skilled, experienced, and licensed Private Investigator in St. Lucie County, Fort Pierce or anywhere else in the state of Florida, we’re here to help. Initial consultations are no obligation and are always free. Call us now at (772) 332-7466 , or use the Contact Us page for more information.